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A new species of calcareous sponges from the Maldives

Laura Leiva contributed to this paper, in which a new species of calcareous sponges is described by applying integrative taxonomy. Published in Zootaxa.


Voigt, O., Ruthensteiner, B., Leiva, L., Fradusco, B., & Wörheide, G. (2018). A new species of the calcareous sponge genus Leuclathrina (Calcarea: Calcinea: Clathrinida) from the Maldives. Zootaxa, 4382(1), 147–158.

The MGAP student Laura Leiva contributed to this work by performing the molecular labwork as a research assistant.

An integrative approach was applied, combining DNA analysis and morphological observations on histological sections and 3D reconstructions of x-ray µCT scans, to describe the second known species of the genus Leuclathrina and to study its phylogenetic position.


The full text is available here: